• + Agribusiness Denmark

    The Danish agribusiness market is where it all started for the Danish Agro group, and still represents the home market for our parent company Danish Agro a.m.b.a.

    • Danish Agro a.m.b.a. operates within the sale of feedstuff mixes, ingredients and vitamin mixes, fertiliser, crop protection, seed and energy, plus the purchase of crops from farmers. The company is owned by 12,000 Danish farmers through a co-operative ownership structure.

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    • Danish Agro Shoppen in Denmark has 21 retail outlets with products ranging from gardening products, feeds for pets and livestock, work clothes, fertiliser, tools and implements for homes and farms.

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    • HEDEGAARD agro is a Danish based agribusiness located i the Middle and Northern part of Jutland. They are active within  fertilisers, grain, feeds, seed, plant protection, oil products and other farming articles.

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  • + Agribusiness International

    Agribusiness International handles the Danish Agro group's agribusiness activities outside Denmark. It focuses on the Scandinavian and Baltic Sea regions - regarded as an extended home market. In recent years, this dynamic business division has been in constant growth, focusing on strengthening its overall market position.

    • Hankkija Oy is a Finnish based agribusiness company with a 50 % market share. The company is active withine grain trading, fertilisers, plant protection, seeds, machinery business and retail shops.

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    • Baltic Agro Machinery is an Estonia based machinery business. The compabny is active within sales and services of machinery for farming and forestry.

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    • Y-Agro Oy is a Finnish based machinery business running six machinery centres. They sell several tractor and machinery brands including Horsch.

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    • Baltic Agro Estonia is the biggest agribusiness company in Estonia. They are specialised within the sale of feedstuff mixes, ingredients and vitamin mixes, rapeseed mill management, fertilisers, crop protection, seed and energy, plus the purchase of crops from farmers.

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    • Baltic Agro SIA in Latvia specialises in the purchase/sale of crops, fertilisers, plant protection, ingredients, vitamin mixes, feed mixes, seed, energy and rapeseed mill management.

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    • The agribusiness Baltic Agro UAB  in Lithuania is focused within the sale of feed mixes, fertiliser, plant protection, ingredients, vitamin mixes and energy, along with purchase of crops from farmers.

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    • Polish Agro is a new agribusiness company in Poland. They are focused within traditional agribusiness activities such as grain trading plus the sale of fertiliser, plant protection and seed.

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    • The Swedish agribusiness Swedish Agro is specialised within the purchase and/or sale of plant protection, fertilizers, feed, farm supply products and crops to farms throughout Sweden.

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    • Raitech is Polands biggest dealer of New Holland and has a significant position within modern agricultural technology in Poland. The company specialises in the sale of farm machinery and spare parts to agriculture.

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    • The Czech Machinery dealer Agromex is the market leader within the sale of Fendt, Fella and Challenger.

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    • Hungaria Agro is located in the port of Baja on the Donau and is specialises within service activities, including warehousing and loading crops.

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  • + Agribusiness Support

    Agribusiness Support is the term used for a number of companies working in support of traditional agribusiness.

  • + Agribusiness Special Feed

    Agribusiness Special Feed primarily focuses on the production and sales of vitamin and premixes. It also covers the sale of farm supply products, veterinary medicines and genetics.

  • + Food Activities

    The Food Activities unit covers Danish Agro's food product activities under DAVA Foods Holding A/S and DanHatch A/S.

    • DAVA Foods is focused on packing, production, processing and distribution of fresh eggs along with pasteurised and boiled egg products.

    • DanHatch is focused within poultry and pig production. The company is one of the biggest in Europe within production of day-old chicks.

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