Agribusiness Denmark

The Danish agribusiness market is where it all started for the Danish Agro group, and still represents the home market for our parent company Danish Agro a.m.b.a.

Business unit Agribusiness Denmark includes Danish Agro’s traditional agribusiness activities in Denmark along with HEDEGAARD agro’s activities, of which Danish Agro is the major shareholder.

Danish agriculture has experienced strong structural development over the last few years, resulting in fewer and bigger farms and the agribusiness sector has adapted accordingly. Acquisitions, growth and synergies have been in focus in a process resulting in the most efficient and strongest agribusiness specialists able to service Danish agriculture.

Danish Agro has been at the forefront of this structural process and together with HEDEGAARD agro now accounts for a market share of approximately 34%.

The Agribusiness Denmark division accounts for 32% of total group turnover of EUR 3.4 billion in 2013.

Turnover EUR 1.3 billion
Employees (total) 805