Vilomix produces customer-specific vitamin and mineral mixes for Danish and foreign livestock producers, and for the feedstuff industry.

Vilomix has a significant market share in Denmark, and growing activities on a large number of export markets. Vilomix's policy is to maintain a high standard of quality products, service and expertise.

Vilomix has developed into one of the leading vendors of premix and expertise to the feedstuff industry, professional livestock producers and aquaculture over the last 30 years, in Denmark and abroad.
Vilomix specialises in expertise within nutrients and how they should be combined to create the most nutritional feed, providing optimal production for the farmer with the least possible impact on the environment.

Understanding of the purity, solubility and digestibility of the ingredients is key to correctly combined feed. That know-how, plus an understanding of the physical nutrient requirement, health and the environment of a herd, is the basis of profitable production for the farmer.

Vilomix products are a major contributor to healthy feed. Vilomix approves all its suppliers, analyses all ingredients and provides full traceability from ingredient to finished product. A batch number and barcode system ensures that the ingredients can always be traced back to a supplier.

The quality management system is described in detail in ISO 9001 certification and incorporated as a natural element of Vilomix' work. Vilomix is also FAMI-QS certified.

Turnover EUR 154 million
Employees 64