DLA Agro a.m.b.a.

DLA Agro is the group's common procurement company that services its members - agribusinesses in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region - via coordinated procurement.

DLA Agro's objective is to buy products within feed ingredients, fertiliser, plant protection, plastic, net and yarn for members, and via their procurement volume ensure that such products are bought at competitive prices. Danish Agro owns the biggest stake in DLA Agro with 69.3%.

In addition, DLA Agro ensures that members can offer the agriculture industry a quality range. The company provides its members with a high level of supply security, along with extensive expertise within each product area.

Increased internationalisation - especially in the Baltic Region - has generated synergies within procurements, with much bigger volumes and more locations than before. The additional volume brought in via Hankkija Oy in Finland in particular has meant that DLA Agro has become a much bigger buyer of various farming-related goods in general, creating more respect from its suppliers.

Turnover EUR 631 million
Employees 37