Scanola A/S

The Scanola oil mill, located in Aarhus harbour, Denmark, focuses on 100% supply of Danish rapeseed, sales of raw and neutralised rapeseed oil to the food, biodiesel and feed industries and the sale of rapeseed cakes for feed to Danish farmers.

Scanola has its own wharf from where ingredients and processed products are received or shipped by road or sea. Scanola’s production facilities are designed to provide optimum rapeseed handling. The product process requires no solvents, and the water and heat used are recycled.

Scanola has invested in a plant for production of neutralised oil for biodiesel. Growing interest in investment and the development of bio-fuels in our neighbouring countries is very valuable to Scanola.

Scanola has supplied neutralised rapeseed oil to Swedish company Perstorp AB for several years, used for the production of biodiesel.

Turnover EUR 137 million
Employees 16