DanHatch A/S

DanHatch is an international group with business units within poultry and pig production. Hatching facilities in Denmark and Poland make the company one of the biggest in Europe within production of day-old chicks.

The company's main activity is running hatcheries with breeding and egg production in Denmark and Poland. The company is one of the biggest and most efficient producers of day-old chicks in Europe.

Annual production of 170 million day-old chicks is centred at the two hatcheries in Vrå, North Jutland, and Ragebøl in South Jutland and two hatcheries in Finland.

DanHatch supplies zoonosis-free day-old chicks for fattening with plenty of life and profit potential.

Production is based on strict hygiene standards to prevent any form of infection.

Associated company  
Turnover EUR 67 million
Employees 325