HEDEGAARD foods produces, processes, packs and distributes fresh eggs plus pasteurised and boiled egg products.

The HEDEGAARD foods group consists of subsidiaries Muna Foods Oy,  Svenska Lantägg AB, Koks Munatootmine OÜ and Eggs Posure A/S, a vendor and developer of packaging concepts worldwide.

HEDEGAARD foods is the market leader in the Nordic Region within fresh eggs, and has a total of six egg packing plants in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, plus four factories producing cooked and pasteurised egg products.

Main markets are Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, with important export markets in the Faeroes, German, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

The group has a complete range of eggs from battery hens, barn hens and free range hens, plus a range of organic eggs.

Pasteurised products include egg whites, whole eggs and yolks according to customer-specific recipes. Boiled, peeled eggs and cooked beaten eggs.

Turnover EUR 67 million
Employees 189